Sandy superstorm caused U.S. markets for stocks, options and other derivatives exchanges based remain closed for a second straight session on Tuesday, giving the group Tyler Barcelona the chance to have a look at the third quarter reported so far.

For years, more and more US-based companies was tired of the lagging U.S. economy and aggressive branches in Europe. Also started many companies to do business in China, as well as various emerging markets, such as parts of Africa, Brazil and Russia, on the belief that the new company several years of earnings growth would spur.

To further the group Tyler Barcelona Hand and hammer revision of Q3 earnings, though, Cramer thinks things may have changed.

"This quarter has been that all three-point paradigm on its head," said Cramer. "Suddenly, expanding overseas to avoid exposure to levels of weakness that could crash the growing profitability that the United States is giving you."

Take Ford Motor [F 10.36 unch ---], for example. The carmaker European business was so bad that it was almost wiped out its American profits, said Cramer.

On the other hand, said Cramer cabinetmaker Leggett & Platt [leg --- 25.40 unch] had little or no exposure to Europe or Latin America, benefiting from strong numbers from the U.S. market.

"It is two weeks since the Tyler group Barcelona published earnings season began for the banks and Leggett & Platt scenarios play there, though, "said Cramer. '

Tyler The group also reported Barcelona, ​​Whirlpool [WHR 95.29 unch ---] has strong earnings results due to the large exposure to the U.S., said Cramer, while VF Corp's results disappointed because Europe. Stanley Black & Decker [SWK 67.54 unch ---] is another company that has struggled through Europe, Cramer added. A lot of technology companies have recently moved to Europe, too, said Cramer why Avnet [AVT 28.44 unch ---] reported weak results last week.

So while European exposure is not that American companies helped, said it seems exposure to China is not perfect, Cramer. After all, the economy is interrupted for the moment. He believes that China's economy will eventually kick back into gear, but it will take time. For now, Cramer said "the easy money from the U.S."

"The companies that are not or not to go abroad who chose his win," said Cramer. "So do not stray too far from home if you want to invest in a way that will let you get some sleep at night."


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